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An update on the open letter to DC, the Fans Forum and a subsequent letter to DC

The last piece I wrote for the site was an open letter to the Chairman in early January. In that letter I raised 4 key points regarding:

  • The appointment of a Head Coach
  • The Role of the CEO
  • A Sporting Director/Director of Football/Head of Football Operations
  • Strategy and Finances

It is important to say that I received a lot of feedback as a result of that letter and I would say that 90% of it was supportive and positive, so thank you for that to...

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A piece about a much neglected spot in Sheffield which is the last resting place of a devout Wednesdayite

Having been lucky enough to have been selected by Jason Dickinson to be in The Owls 150th anniversary book, 'WAWAW fans memories through the generation', I was quite fascinated to read the first person mentioned was a Mr Tom Wharton....

(Mr. T. Wharton from Jason Dickinson's book)

“It seems fitting that the first supporter profile should actually be a dedicated fan called Tom Wharton, who passed away in 1933 after devoting his life to Wednesday. The following is an interview with Tom...

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In the current difficult situation for our club I thought I should pen this.

Dear Mr Chansiri,

Context For This Letter

Let me start this letter by saying 4 things:

1. Like me, the vast majority of Wednesdayites respect the commitment you have brought to our club and appreciate that you have invested your own money into it.

2. I have never asked any Chairman of SWFC to spend their own money on my football club and I will never do – what someone does with their money is a matter for them.

3.I have never abused you...

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Thoughts for the New Year

In the 2017 calendar year we played 47 league games of which we W19, D13 and L15 delivering 70 points – if that was a  complete season we would have been safely in the top ten but would have missed out on the play offs. The 22 games in the 16/17 delivered 40 points at 1.81 points per game, whilst the 25 in 17/18 delivered only 30 at 1.2 points per game. Also in 2017 we had the massive play-off failure,...

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Has an unexpected epilogue from the Chairman left the Massive feeling conflicted?

​Hello all. I wrote this at about 7.30 this morning and so before news about CC's "mutually agreed departure" broke. Rather than go in and change it I'll leave it as it is; a testament to where we thought we were after the Chairman's statement. Not quite sure how CC's going followed DC's statement; answers on a postcard please... 

When I was a kid it was always Christmas Day when I woke up early and lay in bed wondering when I...

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After the Norwich defeat where to next?

For the first 30 minutes Norwich looked as edgy and un-confident as a side who hadn’t won for 3 months can look, but a few balls in behind our back four and chances created lifted their confidence. They were the best side for the last hour of the game and deservedly came out winners against our not very gladiatorial performance. So the poor run and dismal football continued – Stuart Gray type results, football and league position whilst spending so...

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