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A quick response to Mr Chansiri's latest statement

On Wednesday 16th January at 11pm Mr Chansiri placed a statement on the club website. The critical message was that without a solution to the FFP (P&S) challenge by March 2019 the soft transfer embargo will be re-imposed and without a solution by the end of the financial year (May 2019 I believe) that will become a full embargo. Does Steve Bruce know this? We know that Mr Chansiri is at the limit of the financial losses he can cover under...

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Still time to get in touch with your inner fanzine...

We’re halfway through January so probably a good time to remind everyone that there is half a month left for people to send in contributions for the next All Wednesday fanzine (due out for the Swansea home match).

We have had some lovely stuff in so far as well as taking delivery of some more vintage Wednesday fanzines which means we can share some more of the excellent humour from back in the day. In addition Steve and I are busily...

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Sheffield Wednesday Fanzine
Our plans for another paper fanzine and a plea for your help

Following the amazing success of the All Wednesday Fanzine in November 2018 – we sold out of 800 copies and raised £909 for the Children’s Hospital Charity – lots of people have asked if we are going to produce another fanzine. So, despite calling the last one a “one-off” we have decided to give it another go. We plan to publish the fanzine during late February in time for the home games against Swansea and the Blunts. We plan to...

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Thoughts and a call for fans to do something after the Fans Forum

I didn’t attend the Fans Forum on 19 December but what became clear on my Twitter timeline was that

  • DC currently has no appetite for sacking JL
  • He has no plan for how we deal with the January window, our compliance with the P&S rules and what the future looks like
  • He is tired, fed up and emotional about whether he has the energy for it anymore
  • Oh, and he is going to sell the club

Is he genuine about selling the club? Some think...

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If you are going to the Forum tonight let's try to use it as an opportunity to build something

There are some obvious questions about current team performances and the effectiveness of players and manager, fans will ask those I am sure, but I think there are wider issues beyond those that need to be addressed.

On a broader front it would be better if we could get some unanimity between fans and club hierarchy on what it is realistically possible for our club to achieve in the Championship given its size, attendances and resource base, and also recognising that...

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In response to our current circumstances A fan lets rip

It's a long time since I've felt so depressed about my club. We've had poor sides before, lots of them! But I can't remember a side so rich with potential talent under-performing so much and lacking so much heart and passion. And what makes it worse is that I can't see how, as things stand, it can get any better. My concerns, which I'm sure are shared by many, is that our owner is a man who does not like to...

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