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We need to do our bit in the relegation struggle

In his struggles in the Italy of the 1930’s the writer and activist Antonio Gramsci described the need for “pessimism of the intellect and optimism of the will”. That just about sums up what I feel as a Wednesdayite right now. Given the shambles that the club has been this season – well described by Paul in his last piece on here – it is right to be intellectually pessimistic about how we got here, we are right to ask who...

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Looking for light in a very dark room

Yesterday out of nowhere the clouds parted and the real truth dawned. If you judge a season by the rule of achievement versus expectation then I can climb up on a rock and defiantly declare that in 40 years of watching Wednesday this is the most disappointed and let down that I have ever felt.

Over those forty years yes we’ve seen some rubbish, we’ve wasted money on big time charlies who only came for the dollar and massively underachieved, we’ve...

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Comments on the survey sent out by the club on 2nd February and a consequent letter to the Chairman

When I received the survey from the club on 2nd February I was astonished that an opportunity to open up a sensible and much needed conversation regarding the future of the club had been reduced down to 2 loaded questions based on a false premise that the money spent so far had delivered success and to spend a bit less would automatically result in failure. It just seemed to me to be unfair to ask fans to answer those questions without providing...

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A shorter article drawn from more detailed research about the impact of the 1966 World Cup in Sheffield

During summer 1966 global attention turned to the Sheffield as the “Steel City” played host to a number of FIFA World Cup matches held at Hillsborough.  New research on the tournament in Sheffield has highlighted the role of Sheffield Wednesday and Hillsborough in hosting the World Cup. 

Sheffield was named as one of the possible venues to host the World Cup at an August 1960 meeting in Rome as England was selected ahead of Germany as the host nation.  The selection...

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With our FFP submission looming a quick look at the FFP rules and where the club sits in relation to them

Last year, after the play-off defeat to Huddersfield, I was worried about what the next few months would bring, particularly regarding the squad and the gamble we had taken to try to get promoted by buying up older and more expensive players. The second gamble we took was to believe CC’s story that the medical department was responsible for our failure in 16/17 and to give him another season and therefore carte blanche to bring in his own medical team....

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A final line under the deposed king Carlos

So the Jos Luhukay era is properly under way. After the one-off, owt could happen of the derby and a steady enough cruise past fourth division opposition, yesterday saw his first “proper game” and against the ever-tricky Neil Warnock. Say what you like about Mr Warnock - and over the years most of us have - but he’s a shrewd manager who always does his homework (the two early attempts by Cardiff cloggers to knacker Adam Reach yesterday are a...

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