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Another dispiriting afternoon in S6 and surely time for a change

You know things are bad when they start to interfere with the post-match drinking session. Whilst the rest of us gamely gave it a go there were two empty chairs yesterday. Nick had sat with his head down all through the half-time interval (and – strangely - failed to be cheered up by two of us spending that same interval chanting the word “Meggo!”). By ninety minutes a big beaming smile had returned to his face but then came that rubbish equaliser and he just stomped off home.

And Steve – intrepid home and away follower and a man who organises his life around the Wednesday fixture list? He wasn’t there at all. Months of frustration and the lack of action around a  situation that continues to go backwards meant a pre-match conversation of gob smacking proportions – “where’s Steve gone?” “he’s not coming” “no, stopping messing about, where is he?” “he’s just had enough”. So no post-match Steve except for the odd dispirited text message.

So what to say about yesterday and the Wednesday world we now find ourselves in? There were a few little buds of positivity. In the second half they sort of looked like they wanted it. I found myself the most warmly disposed to Adthe Nuhiu that I have ever been. And when it went to 2-1 there was a short period of everyone thinking a corner had been turned and that maybe that pre-Christmas charge towards the play-offs was on after all. At my daughter’s football yesterday morning (1-0 defeat and more parallels with Wednesday than I have the space or inclination to write about), one of the mums was saying to me that she often wonders why she carries on going to Hillsborough but things like the fervour and excitement of the one minute when we drew level in the derby makes it worthwhile. Yesterday’s false dawn gave us another shot of that.

That’s the plus column then. So what’s on the other side of the ledger? Let’s start with:

-          An inability to defeat a side who haven’t been able to buy a win and against whom many of the players should have been massively motivated given that they ruined Carlos’ and everyone’s dream a couple of Mays ago. If anything highlights a disconnect between the mindset of many of our heroes and us the Massive it was that – in the first half at least – they just didn’t seem mithered. No wonder we moved into a world where CC threw on Nuhiu because what Dave might lack in skill he makes up for in heart;


-          CC’s team selections continue to look entirely random; feels a bit like he’s pulling names out of a hat on the off-chance that he’ll hit the right combination. The throwing on of Lee and Rhodes at half-time was a positive but what were they doing on the bench in the first place?


-          The managers touchline theatrics seem to be a ploy to bring the fans round behind him. It certainly hasn’t worked; he looks increasingly like a pantomime villain except that when he finally got his inevitable marching orders there was barely a murmur from the terraces and I for one felt a tingle of relief as Bully climbed into the driver’s seat. In fairness it really did look like we were denied a penalty but all everyone around us was saying is “there we go, there’s something for Carlos to blame instead of another half-assed performance”;


-          And perhaps the most telling thing of all – the long-lost and disheartening return of terrace irony. After the five shot November and the rubbish of the first half, about half the crowd broke into ironic cheering as first Rhodes and then Nuhiu managed to get shots on target. Sure it calmed down when Hooper managed to score a couple but if ever the Chairman wanted to hear where we all are…

It wasn’t just the misery of the afternoon for me. Another girls football conversation yesterday morning involved someone telling me that apparently CC doesn’t allow the players from the junior teams anywhere near the seniors, even those players who have signed on pro-terms. I was told that a junior player said hello to one of our heroes (won’t say which) and “he just looked at him like he was shit on his shoe”. My informant also said that there is a lot of unhappiness amongst the junior teams; we of course can’t know for definite if that is the case but it’s certainly not the first time I’ve heard it.

So all in all it’s a fairly low morning after the match before. I don’t want to hear any more about seven games unbeaten. I don’t want to hear about any more penalties not given. I don’t want to hear how we can still get to the play-offs and there’s a long way to go. I want to hear that the Carlos Carvalhal era – fantastic, glittering and exciting as it has been – has run its course and we have to have a change. The Chairman’s loyalty is admirable but the rocks are getting ever closer for the good ship Wednesday.  


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