All Wednesday Fanzine
The return of the paper fanzine - for one edition at least!

A few fans have asked us before if we might produce a paper fanzine again and we have had warm thoughts about it as it would be nice to do, but we never quite got round to it. Then, as part of the making of the All Wednesday film Matt Exton asked whether we would ever think about going back to a printed format version of WOTMT. Inspired by the time we spent with Matt we had a think and then decided that we would like to give a one-off a go. But once we watched the film we had the idea of doing a printed fanzine under the ‘All Wednesday’ banner with contributions from Wednesdayites and if possible with celebrations of the previous Wednesday fanzines. So, a bit of fanzine style homage to being a Wednesdayite.

We plan to publish it during November to follow on from the further screening of the All Wednesday film which were announced by the club today, more screenings are in the pipeline if there is demand, we understand. We will contact as many former fanzine editors as we can to try to get contributions from them, we want to feature some archive stuff from fanzines but we also want new stuff too. What help do we want from Wednesdayites? The following would be good:

1.       If anyone has copies of some of the old fanzines – A View From The East Bank, Just Another Wednesday, Cheat, Boddle, Dink, Out of the Blue then please do give us a shout if you are willing to let us borrow them. We promise to return them in good condition.

2.       If you feel like writing something for the fanzine please do. Either a great memory or story (funny, sad or anything in-between) of being a Wednesdayite would be good, or use these 5 questions as prompts if they help

  • Why did you become a Wednesdayite?
  • Why are you still a Wednesdayite?
  • What would you miss most if you stopped?
  • What’s your happiest memory of being a Wednesdayite
  • What was the low point in your time as a Wednesdayite?

Up to 700 words please and email them in to:  mail@warofthemonstertrucks.com  

We can’t guarantee to publish everything we receive but it would be great to publish some.

So there we are then. We are going to give it a go. Help us if you can.


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