Ewood say that wouldn't he?
After a day of abject misery over the Pennines Jos says we are just living in the past

One of those days then when I suspect that both Steve and I (and maybe a few others) will want to vest a few thoughts on the Trucks site, because I think everyone agrees that the misery at Blackburn yesterday was surely a major turning point in the current story of Wednesday, not just managerially but – as most of the 3,500 Wednesdayites there yesterday seemed to be agreeing – root and branch right up to the top.

It had all started well enough – we had our last 17 All Wednesday fanzines to sell and they went in around 20 minutes or so. Just to put this first issue to bed we decided not to get reprints as we think pretty much everybody who wants one has got one and we will be finalising and then letting everyone know the amount of profit to go to the Children’s Hospital Charity. And yes – in response to what so many people have asked - we are already planning another one, provisionally for early Spring next year.

So with the sales done we were both in the ground early. My “seat” was in row 7 – close enough to smell the action but with zero perspective on the on-pitch goings-on. After 20 minutes or so I moved up to a space next to Steve higher up but not before having a birds-eye view of Blackburn’s first goal. Seeing our amateur hour defending close-up I was reminded of those days when I watched my kids playing football. Championship? You’re having a laugh.

Once the (again comically defended) second was in, the mood amongst the faithful turned darker than dark and the “Jos out” chants took hold in earnest. Joao’s fabulous response was a joy (and seen in close up at our end) but we pretty much just invited Danny Graham and co. to fill their boots again, and did the same again after our bundled second.

A huge clue to everyone’s passion, worry and frustration was how many of us stayed until the end. The Rovers fans had no chance to say they could see us sneaking out because no-one was. We all stayed to the very end to boo so loudly that the celebratory cheers of the home fans were pretty much drowned out.

Led of course by Barry Bannan (some birthday eh, Bazza?) the players made their way down at the end and the applause given back was reasonably generous because yesterday wasn’t about them. It was about the small moustachioed man who once again spent 90 minutes resolutely in his dug-out. Steve has told me many times that apparently it has been proven that a manager on his feet giving it the full-Meggo has been proved to have no advantage over the ones who just warm the bench, but yesterday we needed to see him on his feet – not just going off on one but seeming to have some clue about remedial tactics. There was a tweet last night saying that Reach nodded at the fans as they screamed “Jos out” – I can’t say that I saw that but it makes you wonder.

By the time we got home and settled ourselves in a pub, Jos had been holding forth – usual we are all in this together and we have to jointly find a way out stuff. But he also went to the trouble of basically saying that we are all living in the past with unrealistic expectations.  We’re not stupid mate – we do all know what the deal is with FFP and such but we do have a right to expect a manager who can get the best out of what he’s got and understands the common-sense mantra of playing your best players in their best positions week in and week out. He’s a nice man with the best of intentions but he needs to go.

However the pointing fingers also turned yesterday to Dejphon Chansiri. It almost feels scandalous to even write those words because the guy has absolutely given it his best shot and poured in the tuna-bucks. He has been upfront about his lack of football knowledge, hence the revolving door of advisers who it has to be said have come and gone with alarming regularity. But – and Wednesday aren’t the only example of this – when you get a rich owner coming in you often get a stubbornness and slightly skewed vision which makes some decisions barely comprehensible to the majority of the supporter base.

Will DC sack Jos? You wouldn’t try to find a bookies. If he does will he bring in someone who will have a clear tactical vision and will put a rocket up the backsides of those players that need it? Or will he bring in another obscure, untried coach who will struggle to get the trust and confidence of fans and players alike? The feeling yesterday was very much that whilst DC has given everything a proper go, and we are all suitably grateful, we are all ready for a change at the top.

So, manager-wise the Trucks consensus is to bring in a temporary fix of Gary Megson and Stuart Gray and give them the rest of the season. Or, if we want to take a flier on someone else who gets how we all feel and would move heaven and earth to do something about it (have a look at his tweets from yesterday), let Chris Waddle take the controls for a bit and see what happens. At all events change needs to happen before the Rovrum game next Saturday.

But it’s about more than simply shuffling the managers; the fans are clear that an awful lot currently feels wrong at the club and maybe the only answer is a change at the very top. There – I’ve said it. Proper troubling times.


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