Some Subscribers Speak!
In a week when there's a lot being said about the troubled times down at S6, here are the thoughts of a couple of our subscribers

Paul’s piece following the dismal day out at Blackburn last weekend brought a couple of interesting responses from correspondents. First up Brian D sends a letter from America:

Nice to see someone having high regards for Megson and especially Gray, as such. In agreement with your latest article, except on Waddle. He of course can be counted amongst the finest Wednesday footballers, but managing a team may not be his forte. Besides, he has a cushy deal at 5 Live. It would be unfair for Waddle or anyone to be thrown in the ring and expect miracles with no support from the club. Although someone like a Brian Clough could pull off something.

On Jos, he is partially a victim of circumstances (and boy have we had far too many). No money to build his own squad, and who knows if the club has talent scouts and people scoping out the competition.  He has to make do with many young players who are facing a baptism of fire, and are being taken to the cleaners on the pitch.

It is Jos's responsibility to prepare and motivate the younger players and he isn't doing so. Players, especially Bannan, are running themselves ragged trying to cover every position.  And the bullshit reasons for not playing Westy or Hutch is another knife in the back. And we really haven't successfully replaced Wallace.

Our biggest problem as Supporters, is expectation.  We expect promotion, we measure success as only promotion back to the top flight. Anything else is failure. Sack the manager, get rid of (name any player) and all will then be ok. I have felt for quite a long time that the Club as a whole isn't ready or being run properly for a successful return to the PL.  It’s hard enough getting there, but staying there amongst the elite would be the real challenge.

To be blunt, as we "Yanks" can be, the club is f*cked, no chance in hell of promotion this season, and the shit will hit the fan over FFP. No hope of signing anyone truly gifted and players on big money being shown the exit door.  As a Supporter since 1980, in good times and bad, I will of course hang in there and hope for the best. For me personally, having lived through a time where the club was nearly wound up, JUST having SWFC TO support is a blessing.   UTO. BRIAN YOUR USA OWL !

And next up, Cardiff Owl:

Good piece and take on board the message from loyal supporters witnessing the problem first hand.
My concern is that unlike Milan who had the football knowledge without the money, we now have a owner who's spent his money (good on him) and got us very close but doesn't have the football knowledge. So I fear we are heading for a strange replacement manager at some point (hopefully soon enough) that isn't suited to the immediate job in the Championship or the probable dog fight of Division 1.
If this was a boat race - we've just been overtaken by a good SUFC while SWFC are taking in water with no bailing out skills and the good swimmers in our crew will swim away.
Sad - expect a shameful FA Cup exit akin to the Gillingham exit by the hands of Peter Taylor who years later I believe turned the SWFC job down!!
Carlos created a dream and was a character - we now have Mr Bland.

We are happy to keep this debate running; any other thoughts very welcome...


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