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Interesting latest pieces on the site. Listening to fans / phone ins there does seem quite a bit of optimism re next season but the thing worrying me is what Chansiri said at the last forum. He stated we would be in big trouble if we didn't go up this season. Wednesday's accounts for year end 2017/18 are I believe due out at end of April. It could yet end up being a difficult 2019/20 season with a further possible embargo?

Rather depressingly I was looking at our neighbours early bird season ticket prices - it seems inevitable that their fans will be paying less than us to watch the likes of Man City, Man United & Liverpool - how ridiculous is that !! It's bad enough watching them looking so smug with all the success - it could yet get worse for us !!!

Only good thing is history tells us they will eventually cock it up once again.

Bob Hull

Hi, just an email to express my thoughts on the season, now it is practically over.

How to sum it up in one word? It would be frustration. I think we will finish a little higher than I thought at the start. We still had to have the flirt with the relegation places. I think Steve Bruce is the right manager, and the close season should be interesting at the least.

Who should stay or go? Well, I hope Hector can stay, the forwards need a settled pairing and the dead wood ("sick-note" Abdi for one) cast out. The FFP is something to be lived with.

My favourites of the season are Westwood, Hector and Bannon, with Reach a close fourth.

Here’s to better times ahead, in what is the most interesting league by far.

Yours in Blue and White,

Alan Morris

Agree with Sam Morgan’s “tadge.” It took a little while for SB to realise that he could not play Fletcher up front by himself. At times, his team looked as defensive as JL’s. I thought Lee Bullen brought in the real turnaround and got the team playing with vim and confidence.

I hope SB does not have too much faith in seasoned players like Boyd, Hooper, Fletcher and Lee who are unsure of their fitness. There are too many of them and Westwood is the only 30 plus player it is essential to keep, despite Dawson’s self- promotion at every opportunity! 

Obviously, Abdi and Jones need paying off. 

Aarons or someone like him is needed to play wide.

Joe Eason

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