War of the Monster Trucks Returns?
Bringing back the paper WOTMT?

We have reflected on all the positive feedback, the level of fanzine sales, and the money we raised for charity through the two All Wednesday fanzines of last season. As a result we have decided to give it another go in the 2019/20 season, subject to your views. We don’t really know whether all the positive energy about the fanzine will hold up for next season, or whether last season was all a ‘one-off’ linked to Matt Exton's brilliant film. It still feels like a bit of a gamble for next season, but it was a buzz to do the fanzine again, so we are going to give it another go, unless you tell us otherwise of course!  Current thoughts are:

  • Publish 3 issues in the season – exact dates subject to summer holidays, fixtures and any meddling by Sky TV
  • Pick a charity for the season and when proceeds have been added up across the season firm up on the charity donation. We think we are edging towards Bluebell Wood Children’s Hospice as our charity choice
  • Sell the fanzine at £1.50 per issue for a fanzine with 48 pages
  • Make it more like War of the Monster Trucks in style and content than the All Wednesday ones of last season
  • It would be titled War of the Monster Trucks and not  All Wednesday

Does that sound like a plan? We really want your views on whether we should do the fanzine at all, and if yes, on the thoughts we have set out above. Feed views into us at


@SheffWedWOTMT on Twitter

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