The Paper Fanzine Is Coming Back!
Plans confirmed for WOTMT Issue 41

Many thanks to everyone who took the trouble to respond to our article about a full-on revival of the paper War of the Monster Trucks fanzine; the responses were all positive, with pretty much everyone supporting the proposed direction of travel. So, after a high-level meeting this week (Steve and I in the Blake with a pint of chocolate stout), here’s the plan.

We will resume production of WOTMT with issue 41 in time for the home match against QPR (Saturday 31st August). We will be producing three editions during season 19/20 with any profits from all three being donated to Bluebell Wood Children’s Hospice. We are thinking 48 pages with a retail price of £1.50.

31st August might seem like a lifetime away (how slowly can the close season go?) but we need to get the contribution process under way as soon as possible. Production deadlines mean that we need contributions in by 12th August at the very latest. We’ve already got a couple of articles which are good to go and we are also working up the revival of some old WOTMT favourites (yes, we just might mean you, Nattering Neil Warnock). But what we really want is as many Wednesdayites as possible to send us stuff in.

The first edition of the season is always tricky as we don’t really have definite plans  – on and off the pitch – to go with. But the overall picture and direction of travel is becoming clearer so that might inspire you to a few words. We also love hearing people’s memories of favourite matches, players, Wednesday-related events etc. Or of course you might want to say a few words about our (ahem) “Premiership neighbours”. If it's Wednesday or fottbal related we would love to see it. So, get your creative heads on and send your contributions to the usual email address – mail@warofthemonstertrucks.com.

We would also love to hear from anyone who would like to be involved in helping us to sell fanzines, both home and away. Our experience from selling All Wednesday is that there are loads of people looking for a copy but we just need to make sure it’s as easy as possible to get one. Again please just let us know via the email address if you think you might be able to help.

And finally, if people have any other ideas around things like what we should include, how we can publicise the fanzine or places which might be possible sales outlets please do get in touch.

We are proper excited to be getting fully back into the WOTMT groove again after all this time and we hope that everyone else is too. We’ll keep everyone posted on developments going forward.

WAWAW (can we still use that?!)

Cheers, Paul and Steve


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