Leaving Things to Chansiri - Some Responses
We have received 3 responses to the last piece on DC's running of the club. Two of them are here and we will post another one tomorrow


A really great summary of where we are. Yep I feel totally dis-engaged from the club & suspect there are probably many others who feel the same, (but who knows?). You feel so helpless in the sense what can you do? If you write no one replies, particularly if you are critical in any way. Chansiri gives the impression he's doing everything he can and anyone suggesting a alternative strategy is being ultra-critical and doesn't understand the situation. 


We know he wants to be successful but we've tried to buy our way out of the Championship that didn't work, now we look like being hit with a fine and points deduction and so we're left in the same position as we were before he came but in many ways financially worse off and we don't even own our ground. Unfortunately, the strategy he's implemented in order to try and get the club promoted has failed and to make things worse the club two miles down the road by adopting a complete opposite plan have mastered it almost to perfection, so for the fans is double the pain. He doesn't appear to be able to either learn from or even recognise mistakes made in certain areas. The fans forum was a good idea but it's almost as though he doesn't want to hear anymore feedback so let's scrap it.


I'm pretty indifferent to the club. I share a season ticket but don't always go when I get the chance, I've lost all my enthusiasm for away games but it's not about the lack of success, I'm not really all that bothered about the Premier League. I watched through the 70's and I'm unlikely to see such a poor team as then but we were in a sense "all Wednesday" loyal and passionate. Now we're part of a toy for a rich businessman, with no real understanding of the city the people or how we really feel.

I can see years of United being ahead of us when just a few years ago they were a joke. I'll take some comfort it the fact that things can change quickly - but unless Chansiri changes or sells I fear the next few years will be more of the same.

Bob Hull

I agree to a certain extent. I also feel disengaged at the moment and dispirited along with a lot of fans. There seems to be a core support of twenty-three thousand fans who turn up at Hillsborough every game which never changes even when there is a supposed big game. I know many fans who simply will not attend due to the high prices of match day tickets. Some fans go and watch Sheffield FC instead. The hardy souls who go to the away games should be celebrated. 

The communication and engagement with the supporters could and should be improved. It feels as though every department and every decision is strictly controlled by DC. Where is the delegation of control? Recent appointments of staff responsible for recruitment would suggest things should improve in this area which is a positive step. However, shouldn't we be told what the strategy is? What is the overall strategy for the club? Is there a three year or five year plan? Not just saying we are aiming for the top two and that is it. How we are going to achieve this would be a more informative answer. Where is the plan for how we address the latest charge by the EFL? What happens if we are deducted points? The fans need to know what is going on behind the scenes? Or there will be more supporters feeling disengaged and dispirited. 

David Lincoln  

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