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WOTMT plans during the current hiatus

Faced with the current (hopefully temporary) very changed world, we have been thinking through what we do with War of the Monster Trucks until we come out on the other side. One option we were thinking about was to produce an online version of WOTMT laid out like the printed fanzine, asking people to donate to our chosen charity and we would send them a copy. However as the news has got increasingly miserable we now think that this is probably not the way.

So, what we have decided to do for now is to focus our attention on our on-line presence. So, we will try to get a few more articles out on the site to keep the Wednesday flame burning – albeit on a slightly lower light – until we are at the point where we can produce the next paper copy (for which we may be faced with the unusual prospect of selling in the summer sunshine).

So, we want to invite anyone who fancies it to send us in articles for online publication. There has recently been quite a bit of really lovely nostalgic stuff kicking around online and so if you want to bob us something about e.g. your favourite time as a Wednesdayite, best goal or memorable season then we can share it on the site. Of course if you want to do something about this season so far then we’ll happily give that a run out as well. Just send any contributions to the usual email address; we would love to hear from you.

We can’t wait to be back outside the ground selling the next paper WOTMT, and us all getting back into the stadium to finally get to the end of this season-like-no-other (in all sorts of ways). In the meantime remember that We’re All Wednesday Aren’t We (like you could ever forget!) and please do all you can to make sure you stay safe and well.

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