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Paul and Steve are blown away by the film that redeems the 150 celebrations just in time

Even the most ardent Wednesdayite wouldn’t argue that the celebrations for the 150th anniversary were not an unqualified success. Those shirts turning up late, the watch fiasco and, lest we forget, the front dropping off that big cake. So – albeit after 150 years and one day – it fell to Matt Exton and the All Wednesday film to save the year. And chuffin’ ‘eck did he land it.

An excited troop of Wednesdayites had made their way to The Showroom...

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Sheffield Wednesday Fanzine
A couple of home wins and everone is just about confident to breathe out

I was late to the party this year. When my wife came back and announced that she’d booked a holiday in Spain it was too late to point put that it would take out the first week of the season. So instead of watching Wednesday get under way my blue and white activity was limited to complimenting a kid in a Wednesday shirt in the Lidl in Nerja (“you’ve made his day” said his gran) and then one day having...

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Thoughts on a forward plan for our club

Our club now has problems with EFL P&S rules due to gambling on achieving promotion. I understand and support why P&S rules were established due to many clubs over-reaching themselves and going into administration. HMRC were then rightly angry that football used the Football Creditors Rule to ensure that creditors such as players, former players, managers and other clubs were at the front of the creditors queue whilst they were at the back with suppliers, St John Ambulance etc, usually...

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Thoughts after the Fans Forum

After the Fans Forum I was reflecting on the meeting itself, where the club is now and a few matters that fans might need to think about. First were my reflections on DC’s time at S6. The positives about DC’s running of SWFC for me are:

  • He has invested a significant amount money into the club both on infrastructure and playing staff, but more on the latter
  • He has instilled a sense of ambition into the club and fan base
  • He has developed...

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Thoughts on the radio commentary situation

I didn’t want to have to write this on the eve of a new season. I thought we were just starting to build a positive ‘let’s have a go’ vibe around the team. But then the news broke about the radio commentary situation and the club response to it, and it angered me so much I had to say something that the Twitter limit on characters won’t allow for. So here goes.

I have many disagreements with BBC strategy, amongst my...

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At the end of last season I was more confident than I was at the start but has that optimism survived the summer?

I said at the end of last season that I thought there might be a small number of arrivals and more departures from the squad in this window. I said we needed to move on Jones, Abdi, Westwood (only because we need the money and we have decent cover), Rhodes and Palmer if possible, to reduce the wage bill, lower the age of the squad and to reduce it in size. Well, we’ve manged to achieve one with another looking...

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