All Wednesday Fanzine Update
Blimey - full speed ahead for the one-off printed fanzine; and still time for you to be part of it!

The All Wednesday one-off paper fanzine is gathering momentum. We know when it will go on sale – 24th November, home versus Derby County - and we have today sorted out a printer and approximate costs. The fanzine is intended to be a celebration of Wednesday fanzines as well as – like Matt Exton’s gobsmacking film – something which underlines how we are All Wednesday.

We are making fantastic progress on contacting the editors of previous Wednesday paper fanzines and we are delighted to report that they are happy to contribute something to this one.  We have been heartened by how many people have long squirreled-away copies of the many and varied printed Wednesday fanzines and their generosity in sharing them with us.  Steve and I now have the much-anticipated task of working through them and pulling out some finest examples of their fantastic work.

However even with all that going on we are still asking for more of our fellow Wednesdayites to send us through contributions. Steve’s earlier article sets out some questions that people can use as a starter for ten. Alternatively, if anyone has any particular memories of the golden age of Wednesday fanzines – selling them, buying them, stand-out articles, whatever you like, we would be delighted to hear from you; please just send your article to our email address.

If anyone has any other ideas for things we can include in the fanzine we would be happy to hear from you. For us to pull the thing together and to meet print deadlines we ideally need to have all contributions in by November 3rd.

On a practical front it occurs to us that we need more than a couple of old mesters like Steve and me to brave a British November and December and actually sell the thing. If anyone feels an urge to help us sell that would be grand.  You don’t need to sign-up for the entire run-up to Christmas; any help at all would be great. Again just email us please.

We’re getting proper excited about all this, and hope that everyone else is too. WAWAW!

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